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Painting Scheme Advice Mon, 22 October 2007 21:04
This question is primarily directed at those of you that have played with a painted set at least once, though I won't turn down opinions from anyone.

I am going to paint my Battlelore miniatures. I have been a miniatures painter for 20 years, and originally I had rejected the idea of painting them, since I have literally thousands of higher-quality metal miniatures languishing unpainted in my closet; but ultimately these miniatures are seeing more use, so it makes sense to paint them.

I have read the excellent painting guide on the DoW site, and it points out that there are two reasonable painting schemes: (1) paint each unit a green, blue, or red color scheme, corresponding to its banner color; or (2) paint the standard banner camp figures one color scheme, and the pennant banner camp figures a different color scheme.

I'm trying to get advice, preferrably from people that have actually tried it, about which works better in practice.

I see the following positives for option (1):

Very easy to tell at a glance what type of unit it is.
Maximum flexibility for army composition-- just switch out a flag and you can use the same figure for either camp.
Figures match banner, which is visually appealing.

I see the following negatives for option (1):

You need to examine the banner to see which player the unit belongs to.
Visually, not as striking-- doesn't really look like two separate armies fighting each other, every battle looks like a civil war.
Boring to paint red, blue, and green over and over and over.

I see the following positives for option (2):

Tell at a glance which camp a unit belongs to, as each camp has their own color scheme.
Looks like a real battle between two separate armies.
More variety, less boring to paint, less boring to look at.

I see the following negatives for option (2):

More constrained in army composition, a given figure can only really be used for that camp.
The color of the banner may jarringly clash with the color of the figures in the unit.

I'm not sure how to weigh all these factors. The very last negative point for option (2) has me concerned: if I spend a bunch of time making a unit that looks really nice in its purple and yellow color scheme, how ugly is that green or blue banner going to look?

For purposes of army variety, I should mention that I have two complete sets of the base game and all expansions. So I wouldn't be *that* constrained in army composition if I painted each camp different color schemes.

Any thoughts? If someone has experiene one way or the other and can say that something works well or looks ugly or whatever, hopefully I can benefit from your experience.

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