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  Sell me, I'm Easy! Mon, 12 November 2007 06:14
OK, Here's my story, and I'm sticking to it...

Been playing Memoir '44 since it came out, have all the expansions and think it's the bee's knees. Before that, I got Battle Cry, and enjoyed that, although I think it's obvious that Mr. Borg has been evolving this system, and Battle Cry, while a good game, suffers in evolutionary comparison to Memoir '44.

While I'm mostly a 19th and 20th century wargamer, I'm not averse to medieval/fantasy games. It's not my main interest, although I used to dabble in D&D and love the Tolkien trilogy, have read other fantasy lit, and know enough about pre-gunpowder military history to get by.

My eight year old son, however, is a LOTR fanatic. I purchased "War of the Ring" with an eye toward playing it with him, but he really wants to just play with the figures! He does pretty well with Memoir '44, because I think that's more digestible to a kid his age.

Now, I've been dimly aware of BattleLore for awhile, but I've put off looking in to it more deeply because:

  • Have two Borg game now
  • Afraid of "death by expansion"
  • Have heard that BL is lite on the fantasy element
  • The wife is a pretty good shot

I'm pretty sure I can handle the wife (she really likes to see me game with the boys (got a five year old, too) and I'm thinking that if my older kid likes the army men in M44, he'll go ga-ga over the BL bits...he's a nut for bows, spears and such...now if only BL had Star Wars stuff, he'd go in to orbit!

So, after all that background, Is BL different enough from M44, beyond the setting, to warrant having both?

Is there a strong fantasy element, or does that only come via expan$ion pack$?

Is it significantly more complex than M44, enough to baffle me, er, I mean my eight year old kid?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

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