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Commodore Hornblower
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February 2008
Exellent Two-player variant! Sun, 24 February 2008 18:18
Here is a variant that my Girlfriend and I have devised.

We have tried the variant of Joe Casadonte, however we found it too time-consuming and quite confusing managing two ships at the same time. So we set out trying to find an alternative.

This is what we did:

You play with only one ship each and two Legendary Pirates (as per 3per play)

The difference is that you use two Captain's Wheels instead of one!
You plot your destinations on these two wheels in secret as you do normally, only these destinations must be two different from one another.

The idea is that during a round of play, you visit not one but two Islands. This is done as usual, you show the first destination, fight and plunder and upgrade your ship.

When the first Island visit is complete, you reveal your second destination, fight and plunder and upgrade your ship.

The only exeption to the second navigation is this:
-You do not get the full plunder on the second Island!
Instead you will only receive D6 (one die) worth of plunder, in gold and/or treasure.
(ie. if you roll 4, you can choose to pick up 2 gold and 2 treasure)

This makes for a fast-paced, balanced and interesting game.

We have tried other variants, like full plunder and half (rounding down) plunder also on the second Island.
But we found it vastly unbalanced and thoroughly unenjoyable.

At last: A pair of cards that raised a few questions when played with the rules above!

*Secret Map: We agreed that this cards effect would only work in the first navigation.

*Crow's Nest: We agreed that this cards effect would only work in the first navigation.

Commodore Hornblower

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