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June 2004
Strategy Discussion Sat, 05 June 2004 17:19
This thread is for general strategy discussion.

I've only played 4 games so far so I am still working on my strategy, but heres just a few things I've observed so far.

1) The person who connects east to west coast wins. These routes are the most lucrative to construct (20+ victory points), and if you realize you're going to complete these routes early enough, you can often supplement your destination cards with other valuable routes.

2) The person with the most destination cards completed wins. The winners of our games has always had at least 4 destination cards completed, often 5 or more. The person who satisfies rule 1 (coast to coast) often has the easiest time drawing destination cards which they can complete and is usually the person with the most destination cards in the end.

My wife, who is not the best strategy gamer amoung us, has won the last 4 consecutive games while keeping the above 2 tips in mind (4 player games). She has always been the one with the east-west coast route and always ended up with the most destination cards.

I, on the other hand, have been trying to play a more aggressive, disruptive playstyle. This has managed to land me in 2nd place every game (sometimes only by a few points). I would like to see some stragegys here for playing (and winning) with a more aggressive playstyle. The player who plays using the 2 rules above is the passive player who is basically playing a game against themselves and the cards. I would like to come up with some solid strategys for beating this type of player. So far what I've found:

Blocking seems very difficult and random. Your chances of being able to block are increased in a 3 or 5 player game. In a 2 or 4 player game, blocking may just be a complete waste of effort.

1) Block the any-color tracks first. If you have 5 blue trains in your hand, it's better to claim the 5-any color track (which others may be able to utilize), than the 5-blue track. Because you were holding 5 blue trains, it is unlikely that somebody will be able to use that 5-blue track any time soon.

2) Build on the short tracks first leading away from your opponents connecting tracks. If an opponent is playing passively, they will often connect track sequentially, with a predetermined path in mind. Block the short tracks which they can claim easily and try to collect cards which match the color for their long path.

I'm sure there are other tips which could aid the disruptive player. Knowing the destination tickets available, for example, could be a huge aid.

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