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Traitor effectiveness Sun, 04 January 2009 07:52
As per my other post, we are pretty new at this game and really haven't explored the traitor much. But, I was reading some other posts discussing the "traitor being obvious" problem.

To me, it seems that if the traitor is obvious, then the other knights will accuse him, they get a white sword and the traitor is fairly useless. I mean, he can take one card and post a seige engine or card. Well, he could have pretty much done this every turn if he was sneaky anyhow. If you are hidden, and played correctly, you can cause all sorts of havoc, especially if you can get to lancelot's armor.

It's just that in my house so far, we pretty much get stomped so being the traitor is well, easy on us. Against skilled players, the traitor must be sneaky or he'd get beat easily.


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