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10%-off coupons Mon, 13 April 2009 23:05
Well, after the conversion process, I now have 7 10%-off discount coupons I will probably never use at the Days of Wonder web store.

The high prices combined with the 2-coupon limit just don't make it practical enough.

I can pre-order Small World here at DoW.com and knock the price down to $40... Or I can just pre-order from another site like Cardhaus.com and get it for $32.95 at their regular price.

Now, if DoW would run an unlimited coupon special every once and a while... or even an "up-to-50%-off" coupon special... I would bite. Very happily. Very Happy

My question, which I'm sure has been asked before: Why are DoW's own prices so much higher than other "middle-man" online retailers?

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