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Re:Warning: tüfftüff Fri, 19 June 2009 12:11
Had that kind of experience last night too. I clicked by mistake at his game (EU-2er), and kindly asked him to both quit, saying that it was a mistake.

Then silence...

I repeat the question. Darkness again... And then, a glimpse of light! He/she writes: no english, german.

I repeated my question in simple English, only verbs almost and suddenly, a stroke of wisdom made this guy/girl write English like TS Elliot! Said some ridiculous things about having being kicked out of my games (honestly don't remember that) and now he insisted we PLAY (in block capital letters, please)

I wished him/her good luck against the robot and left this silly nonsense. I think he won the robot by 100 points or something like that.

Just be aware of him/her.

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