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  Ticket values vs shortest routes Thu, 26 November 2009 21:18
To me it seems normally ticket values are based on lengths of the shortest routes between cities in the ticket cards, but there seems to be some exceptions (shortest route length in brackets):

In USA game:
Los Angeles - Chicago, 16p (15)
Sault St Marie - Oklahoma City, 9p (8)
Los Angeles - Miami, 20p (19)
Seattle - New York, 22p (20)
Los Angeles - New York, 21p (20)

In Mega game:
Los Angeles - Chicago, 16p (15)
Las Vegas - Miami, 21p (20)

So all the old non-matching values except for Los Angeles - Chicago are "fixed" in Mega game tickets, plus there is a new one (Las Vegas - Miami). Are these exceptions to the shortest route logic intentional or accidental? Are there any other ones I didn't notice?

  Ticket values vs shortest routes  DiscJetThu, 26 November 2009 21:18
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