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  English translations here!!! Sun, 04 July 2004 05:41
Below are [rough] translations of two of the French scenarios. More will follow as I have more time to translate them.

Abbeville De Gaulle
Historical Background:
Units of the [French] army under the command of a young Colonel De Gaulle, attempt to push into Abbeville and disrupt the German forces encircling the town. Alas, the French officers are completely disorganized, and logistics as well as the orders of operations arrive very badly on May 28. The French attempt a second attack, but the German 88 mm guns decimate the French tanks when they break down in front of the German defenses due to gasoline shortages.

Will you be able to change their destiny and to achieve the surrounding of Dunkirk?

French receive 6 cards
French go first

Germans receive 5 cards

Conditions of Victory:
6 medals

Special Rules:
The German guns are 88mm flak. They move as artillery, but fire like tanks (1-3 hexes with 3 dice).

The French tanks are of Special Forces and have 4 figures each. Additionally, when rolling for combat, if a French Armored unit rolls two stars, it breaks down (runs out of gasoline) and cannot move any more. It will be able to continue fire.

Mark all hexes for Abbeville with one Allied victory medal. If a French unit moves onto, and remains on Abbeville, it counts for one medal. If the unit is eliminated or moves off, do not count the medal. [Note: the French version of the rules does not specify the requirement to remain on the city hexes.]

The French arriving on only one side of the board represents the lack of communication and uncertain strategies of the French officers that never could exploit the full potential of these forces.

Aventure en Birmanie (Adventure in Burma)
Historical Background:
After the invasion of Burma by Japan, Wingate was called upon to evaluate the situation. Wingate created a special brigade; the Indian 77th brg, (7 columns of infantry) called the "Chindits" – the anglicized form of "Chinthe" – the legendary protective dragon of the Burmese pagodas. This combat group was to arrive behind the enemy lines to cut the Japanese lines of communications and to push them back out of the area as far as possible.

On 14 and 15 February 1943, 3d Britannic and 4th Gurkhas units cross the Chindwin River and are inserted in the Burmese jungle.
At the beginning, although threatened by these movements, the 18th and 33d D.I. Japanese do not take these operations as a serious threat.

But on March 3, Major Dunlop’s 1st unit arrives, after a difficult progression on 225 km, crossing the Kyaikthin Bridge and destroying it. March 5 and 6, the 3d and 5th arrive via the same route, moving 60 km further north around Nankan.

Exploiting these successes, Wingate orders the crossing of the Irawady River – 900 m across – in order to cut off the bridgehead there.

Consequently, Japanese mobilizes the battalions from 3d and 4th D.I who were in Burma at this time, hoping to surround the columns of the Commonwealth that had been able to cross the river.

After many small battles, Wingate decides to order his men back to the Indies. They disperse in order to pass through the mesh of the Japanese net.

Those who returned from this engagement were proud their actions, which had a surprising effect on the morale of soldiers stationed in the Indies.

Only one small brigade made up of all except one unit of elite Burmese had crossed and "had burned Tojo’s moustache." (General Hideki Tojo, Japanese Minister for the War)

Japanese Player:
- take 6 cards
- you play in first

Commonwealth Player:
- take 4 cards

Victory Conditions:
5 medals

If a Japanese unit captures a bridge hex, it counts as one victory medal. Place an objective medal on each of the bridges. As long as the Japanese unit remains on the bridge hex, it continues to count toward the Allied victory. If the unit moves off or is eliminated, it no longer counts.

Special Rules:
The hedgerows represent jungle; the same parameters apply.

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