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April 2004
Re:M44 House Variants Tue, 20 July 2004 09:43
Ubergeek - in your posted house rules, I take it you mean an individual "figure" where you have the word "unit" in many cases?

Sorry, I've been away a while. I've got to scrub the variant file and clarify some things. Most places where I use unit it means all of the figures, however many that may be in the hex. So a heavy machinegun or mortar unit will include 2 individual figures.

Just so everyone know, I love the rules the way they are. I just played another 2 games of the Omaha Beach Overlord scenario tonight with the standard rules. (I played Axis and won one/lost one.) As far as house rules go, they're in place to allow experimentation. I wouldn't expect all of them to be used in a given scenario design. Maybe one scenario will just have night rules and observers where another has one or two mortar units or light tanks or yet another has all the standard rules with smoke thrown in. If you're overzealous you can always design something to incorporate all the house rules plus your own ideas but expect it could get unweildy or out of balance.

The beauty of this system is its versatility. There's room for new terrain hexes to be incorporated if desired, along with new units and rules. But I have no intent of turning house rules into another ASL. I've tried to stick with the KISS principle (keep it super simple) to stay in line with the intent of the game and its present mechanics. For instance, morale could be layered into the game rules but unless it remains something simple like a reduction in dice, variable range changes, or a card that's played against you then each new rule added often has a dominoe effect on other rules requiring more clarifications and exceptions. I've had a bunch of ideas for facing rules that I've decided to keep out of the house variants for the very reason that they'll introduce a level of complexity that even I don't want to see in this game, though I'm sure someone will come up with some and use them (facing works great in ACW and Napoleonic battles but just doesn't seem to fit in at the M44 scale).If it's realism, depth, and complexity you want, then there really are better games out there to model this.

I am hoping as well that at some future time DoW will release either an expansion or a complete new game based on Richard Borg's design (perhaps North Africa or Russia). As the standard Sherman and heavy Tigers are currently modeled, so will light tanks be required for different theaters with different hit capability. Maybe some of the ideas that are posted here and deemed good enough will make it into future releases. I'm sure Richard has already though up most of these ideas and more but to keep the game accessible to the masses, lots of details have been left out. But perhaps an expansion with advanced units, terrain and rules will be perfect for those that want just a bit more out of the game. If you and I have been thinking up ideas, I'm sure that RB and DoW have as well. Until then, hang tight until I get around to rules for using DASL boards. Cheers.


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