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Sorcerer power Thu, 03 June 2010 08:21
Tonight I ran into a couple of problems when using the sorcerer power. First, I couldn't use it's special power to replace solo pieces, so it was useless. Also, I the heroic power wouldn't let me place the markers in any of my regions, only specific ones, pretty much only next to where I just attacked (from what I could figure)..

Also, when my mom was playing as the swamp-skeletons in the redeploy stage, she clicked, not dragged, on my Elf accidentally (I think it was Elves) and it ended MY TURN! Not only that, she scored for my space with no tokens on it. At least I got to redeploy the Elf on my next turn, but I was so frustrated, I forgot to check if the turn actually advanced or it just said my turn ended.

There was another glitch I caught yesterday, but I can't remember it.

However, even with glitches, I still love this game (as I do most DOW games, except Terra and TTRTCG) and am very excited that Small World is available for my iPad (my Aluminum anniversary gift - I love my wife) as it is one of my Favorites of all time. Looking forward to an AI version, multiple player, more races, and working out the bugs.

Thanks for the game.


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