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May 2010
Any ideas for Motorcycles in M44? Fri, 04 June 2010 18:10
I am an avid motorcyclist and have been thinking of ways to use motorcycles in M44. I would think they would mainly be a dispatch rider sort of thing, possibly reconnaissance or scouting work. It seems like that was the type of role they played.

My thoughts (still brainstorming):

You could set up a motorcycle marker on a hex on one edge of the board. If it makes it to another goal hex on the other side of the board, you get one extra command card. You could also make it need to stop at a checkpoint hex somewhere on the battlefield before returning to it's original hex, or going to it's goal hex.

I also thought you could have it go to a goal hex somewhere by the enemy's starting position, return to your baseline and then you get a card/token to somehow spoil an enemy attack/advancement (you just did a scouting mission). Or you could get to draw an extra card similar to a recon card.

I imagine motorcycles would be treated similar to infantry, but I think that may need tweaked to show it's speed (greater movement) when compared to infantry.

Why it would be like infantry: Not armored, obviously easier to destroy than a tank (more chances to hit it on a die roll). Similar to a supply truck which gets treated like infantry.

But, what would be a good movement without making it unbalanced? Should it be able to battle (the troops on them did carry firearms)?

Here is a link to some motorcycles from WWII, they are really neat to look at. I dare you to not get excited when you see the half track motorcycle! http://www.prolaw1.com/blog/?p=6441

Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions!

  Any ideas for Motorcycles in M44?  boogiemanFri, 04 June 2010 18:10
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