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Mr.Bump bumps into beta testing. Fri, 11 June 2010 13:52
This is Mr.Bump speaking, you know the sightly chubby blue thing with a strange relationship to bandages. Mr.Bump will now deliver his report.

June 5th Mr.Bump got a mail from the guys at the HQ, that told mhim to enlist for the mission that was planned for June6th.
It would surely be The Longest Day was the message.

My Mr.Bump avatar did a short leap of joy, before realising he had no idea at all what the mission was and why he was selected.
A restless night followed with dreams of action-filled missions behind enemy lines and with cries for medics and the need for bandages. (Mr. Bump is not unfamiliar with bandages.)

When dawn was arriving on June 6th 2010, the mission briefing came, and what a thrilling moment it was.


Beta testing. What the heck is beta testing? Mr.Bump was confused.
But after reading the full mission briefing, it all became clear to Mr.Bump what the mission was.

He was to have fun while playing his favourite game, and he also got to tell people what they have done wrong! Mr.Bump is up for that. He likes to tell people that they are wrong. Evil or Very Mad (Mr.Bump would like the smileys to be available in blue)

Mr. Bump read the manual,installed the game and opened the game.
He started by playing against Johnny( The busiest guy in the Memoir'44 online world)
Mr.Bump has played against Johnny(This made supports the Allied Forces sometimes and the Axis forces sometimes. Mr.Bump is confused and feel threatened by double-agents. Mr.Bump thinks Johnny should change his name when he supports the Germans, and since Mr.Bump has reached the rank of "Sotto Tenante" he would like Johnny to have a British name when he (eventually) plays the Italians against the Britishs in the deserts of Africa. And what should Johnny do when he begins to play as Russians, Japanese and Italians later on in the life of M'44 online? Maybe his name should reflect the nationality of the side he currently supports?

And although Mr.Bump likes to see images of himself he thinks the avatar field is too big. Mr.Bump feels he would look just as stunning in smaller image, and if that was the case he could taunt Jesse, Malcolm, Jacques, Eric, Yann and all the rest of the beta testers even more in a bigger chat window. Because Mr.Bump is gonna rise to the top of the rankings and look down on the "common people". Twisted Evil

And since Mr.bump likes to taunt the "common people" he would like the "service Records" function to be slightly different. Currently he can see how many games he has played as the Allied and the Axis, and he can see how many times he has out.performed as each side, but he can't see how many wins he has. Mr.Bump likes to know how many wins he has, like the service records currently available on this great site does. And to be able to taunt Jesse Mr.Bump needs to be able to see Jesse's service records. That would be very cool if he could check his opponents and their performance.

Mr.Bum would also like the service records to link back to the AAR screen, so he could click his game against Malcolm and see that he managed to elliminate 16 infantry and lost 0 infantry himself. That would be a fun way to check previous plays.
And maybe the AAR screen could list objectives taken?

Mr.Bump also likes the "Achievements system" and has gained some interesting awards. Very cool system. And Mr. Bump knows ,it's only a matter of time before Jesse releases the helpsheet that details how many and how you get the different awards.
Mr.Bump also likes what Malcolm has done wiht including the Awards in his signature, and Mr. Bump would love it if that became an automatic thing, that the awards showed up in the signature under posts in the forum. And Mr. Bump can see that he currently has 1 more award than Malcolm. Very Happy

Mr. Bump would also like to give credit to the M'44 online team for the way "Ambush" works during games. The "Ambush" technology/programming is very easy to understand for those that have read the manual, and it has helped Mr. Bump to dish out more pain than he would probably dish out on his own.

Mr.Bump would also like to thank the team at DOW for letting him do this mission, and also all the people he have met and played with on M'44 Online so far and hopes there are more people willing to help Mr.bump on his way to the TOP of the rankings. Razz

Mr.Bump has also learned that Beta testing means Bumps, and Mr.Bump has bumped into a bunch of bumps while beta testing and have sent his Bump reports to the HQ.

And to all the brave souls that have joined Mr.Bump in assaulting the European mainland at this early stage in the operation he would like to say:

Our mission is to ready the land for the main assault that is sure to follow, and we are responsible for smoothing out the bumps and then when the time comes for the main assault we will be there to guide the replacements during what will be the grand victory run for Memoir'44!

Mr, Bump signing out, next mission calls.

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