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Yes, we can! Wed, 25 August 2010 20:54
Love Love Nod Twisted Evil & King Nod Love Love

Our game history says that 22 April 2005 was when we first met. We know it was a few weeks earlier, but who cares. What I do remember about that first game is that I wanted to flirt that evening and she was the ultimate victim: a woman to be cheered up.

Our memories say it was 4 August 2010 when it happened. Our happy life was just interrupted by a lousy day. However boring it sounds, it was only then that I realised I want to share all good and bad moments with this fantastic woman for the rest of my life. The logical result was that I asked her to marry me on the spot.

I guess we were the first in many things here - NC, the first announced 24-hour Ticket to Ride marathon, the first open Ticket to Ride meeting at our place. We haven't been around much lately but we might have another first time here.

We think we could be the first ones who met exactly here to get married. It probably won't be until next year September and the ceremony might not have any hint of trains, but we thought some of you might like to know. In case it wasn't clear yet:

Jacqueline aka the witch & Bas aka bassie are getting married!

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