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Memoir '44 Online Beta FAQ Thu, 18 November 2010 15:00
What is the Open Beta for Memoir '44 Online?
The Open Beta for Memoir '44 Online is a unique opportunity for a limited number of Days of Wonder customers to gain early access to a preliminary, pre-release copy of the Memoir '44 Online game.
This ambitious project, in development for the past 3+ years, has finally reached the point where the software is stable enough for us to put it in the hands of a larger group of users and collect feedback to help make sure the final release lives up to expectations.
While the key features have been set in stone a long time ago (so don't expect any dramatic changes going forward), this is an opportunity for us to polish the software and iron out any remaining bugs prior to the game's official release.
Of course, Beta software also means buggy, unstable, and potentially frustrating. So be forewarned! The flip side, of course, is that any bug you encounter will help save fellow players' frustrations down the road, and that you'll get to be one of the happy few to fight it out on the front lines in the early days and be able to say "I was there!"

If you feel like you have what it takes, and are willing and ready to stomach the duress that comes from fighting on the front lines, then here's your chance to enroll!

When will you release version 1.0?
The honest answer is we don't know. We'll ship 1.0 once it's ready. Of course, a lot will depend on the feedback we receive from you, the inevitable fine tuning that will ensue, how smoothly scalability testing goes, etc.

At what rate can we expect new releases during the Open Beta?
On average, we will strive to release a new version every two weeks. If a high-traffic issue (i.e. a major bug or true show stopper) comes up, we will do our best to release a hot-fix faster. At other times, depending on the amount of work needed for a new version, and around holidays, a version might be delayed a bit.
If you choose to enroll in the Open Beta, you will receive an automatic e-mail every time a new version is released. Simply launch the software, log in, and you will be offered to download and install the new version. Make sure you do so.

What is planned in the coming versions?
Read the announcements in this forum to stay tuned.

I am not interested in participating to the Open Beta, but would love to play with the final game. How can I make sure that I will receive notice when version 1.0 ships?
Simply make sure that you have a Days of Wonder Online account (go to the sign-up page if you don't have one - it's free) and that the option "Receive Days of Wonder special announcements and news by e-mail" is checked in your Profile.

Will I lose my Officer Rank, etc... when you switch to 1.0?
No. Your Rank, Officer Career, Gold Ingots, Achievements, Battles history, Honor rating and all other account parameters will be kept intact and carry over. We will strive to transfer all your account data during each technical migration that happens in the course of the development. Unless an unexpected, intractable technical issue comes up, you will not lose anything.

Will my participation in this Open Beta give me something special (rewards, privileged access, etc...)?
Nothing has been set in stone yet, but you should assume that this Open Beta is a perfect case of "The Journey is the Reward." If you are not sure you ready to step in yet, then you might consider waiting a bit to see what the veterans have to report from the front.

Are there a limited number of slots for this Open Beta program?
While it is our intent to keep this Open Beta available for all to enroll in, technical limitations might force us to temporarily curtail or limit enrollment, or proceed in waves. The Download page will reflect the current status of the program at all times.

Are there any risks in using Beta software?
Beta software is unfinished work, and therefore unstable. If you choose to enroll, you will likely experience game interruptions, crashes, errors, etc. You will also likely lose some battles solely as a result of bugs or implementation errors. You may also lose time trying to play on-line games unsuccessfully. For all we know, you might even completely crash your computer, lose all your hard-drive data and be forced to reinstall everything! Though we will do our best to prevent such tragic events, it can happen. So please make sure you back-up your valuable documents before installing the software!

While we do not want to scare anyone off, if you are not willing to run such risks, please do not enroll! Waiting for version 1.0 will be safer (although no guarantee either; this remains software, after all).

Gold Ingots? What are these?
Memoir '44 Online uses a pay-to-play model, based on a virtual currency known as "Gold Ingots". When you choose to enroll in the Open Beta, you will automatically receive a one-time pay of 100 Gold Ingots. This will be enough Gold to let you fight scores of battles and decide for yourself whether this game is worth further purchases of Gold Ingots or not.

What happens once I run out of Gold Ingots?
Once you run out of Gold Ingots, and assuming you wish to continue playing the game, you will have to purchase your own Gold with hard-earned dollars (or Euros) to replenish your War Treasure and keep playing the game. Yes, we realize this is an unusual request, especially at the beta stage, but how people purchase and use Gold Ingots; what type of options they go for (visit the Gold Ingots page or the Gold Ingots store in-game for details); and how they use their Gold are precisely some of the things we want to learn through this beta.

We also understand this payment model might not work for everyone, and that's okay. We carefully considered alternatives and believe this model is the one that will give us the most flexibility to continue developing the game and its countless scenarios and special rules for years to come.

Ok I've read it all and am still crazy enough to enroll. Where do I sign up?
Make sure you have a Days of Wonder Online account (use the sign-up page if needed), log in and go to the enrollment page.

How do I report bugs?
Use the form on our contact page, depending on your language. Make sure you read the instructions carefully.

How do I send feedback and suggestions about the software?
Use this dedicated Memoir '44 Online forum for this. First, take a look to make sure that your idea wasn't already discussed before. If not, create a new thread.

Why didn't DoW answer my bug report or forum suggestion? I thought you wanted feedback!
Not answering a report or comment does not mean we did not read it. Nor does it mean that we didn't (or won't) take action either. The reality is that we get lots of messages. Many are duplicates. Some are good suggestions but cannot be implemented right away for technical reasons or lack of time. Some cover ideas that are already planned for a future release. Some bug reports are not documented enough to be useful. Etc...
It is better for everyone if we spend our time fixing bugs rather than answering individual messages. Therefore we ask you not to take offense if you don't hear back from us. Be sure that we value your input and that we do read all the messages.

This also means that to maximize your input and help us save our time for coding, you should read carefully and comply with all the instructions on how to report a bug. Especially those related to attaching your "log" file, giving us details or a step-by-step procedure to reproduce a problem, etc. The better you document the bugs you report, the less time we will have to spend to reproduce and fix them.

We thank you for your understanding and dedication to this very important issue.

Do you plan to do a French version? What about other languages?
Once version 1.0 ships, it will be available in both French and English. The French localization will happen late in the project development cycle however, just before 1.0. We do not plan on translating the software into any other languages for the moment.

Why do I need an Internet connection to play, even for Solo games?
There are many reasons why you need an active Internet connection to be able to play, even when playing Solo games. The software constantly needs to retrieve and update information from/to your account on our servers: Your Achievements, game history, are all critical to the game. Hence the "Memoir '44 Online" moniker. Wink

How do I buy additional Gold Ingots again?
Once you've run out of your initial allotment of Gold Ingots, you may purchase additional packs of Gold Ingots directly from within the game or the web site. There are a number of options, with volume discounts for the most aggressive players amongst you. When in game, go to the main screen and click on "Gold Ingots".

I purchased a Major Pack. How do I redeem the $30 coupon that I just received toward the purchase of a real game?
The $30 Credit Coupon will show in your "My Web Store" page in your account. It will automatically appear in the Web store, just under your cart, when you choose to check out after purchasing a game on our web store. If your total purchase is higher than $30, it will automatically select your coupon, even if the game or extensions you are purchasing are not related to Memoir '44. You can select/unselect this coupon if you wish.
This coupon can be used right away, is valid for 12-months from the date of issuance. More information about Credit Coupons can be found on our Ordering and Shipping Policy.

Do I lose my Gold Ingots if a game is interrupted unexpectedly?
During the Beta, a game may crash or be interrupted for a number of reasons outside of your own control. In such instances, if you are not able to restart and resume your game within 15 minutes, the amount of Gold Ingots that you spent on it will be automatically refunded to your account after this delay.

What is the Expert Mode? Why can't I access it?
The Expert Mode is a mode in which the game rules are not enforced by the software. This will allow advanced players to play scenarios that include rules that have not been implemented yet, as well as Scenarios from the Front, which may feature special rules which our software has no knowledge of. It is thus THE way to play Scenarios From The Front that were designed using the Memoir '44 Editor.

The Expert Mode is still in development, as it contains many more game and UI elements than currently implemented in the base game. We will open it as soon as it is stable enough.

How do I find out more about the game, especially Officer Ranks, Achievements, etc.?
Make sure you check out the Memoir '44 Online Web site on a regular basis. During the course of the Open Beta, we will add new pages on a regular basis, uncovering new aspects of the game or disclosing previously classified information. This, and exchanging tidbits with fellow beta-testers, is how you will learn more about Officer Ranks, Achievements, etc. You can also check your Officer Career or check the careers of other players.

Can I talk about the Open Beta program on the Internet, to my friends, etc.?
Yes, this is an Open Beta, and as such you are welcome to discuss your gaming experience online. Just make sure to make it clear it is a beta program - not final software - and thus not for everyone. If you take and post screenshots, make sure you include or attach a "Memoir '44 Online Beta - www.memoir44-online.com (c) 2004-2010 Days of Wonder Inc. All Rights Reserved" copyright notice to your screen shot.

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