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January 2011
RULES Thu, 13 January 2011 04:11
I dont know where to start after reading all the threads that I felt apply to my questions I am more confused now than ever !

#1 the rules are horrible and very unclear. Now I read from one of the DOW staff answers that: player 1 selects his/her race, completes the conquest, and scores before anyone else takes any part of their turn ? man i am one confused player now ?

#2 what is the turn sequence after you score your victory coins ?

#3 what is the turn sequence of the whole freaking game ? after learning that player 1 does all this before anyone else goes ? that just really makes me want to throw the game in the garbage not to metion the useless rule book.

#4 I have tried to play the game a couple of times and apparently now find out im playing wrong have been stuck wondering what to do after we score our coins ? It states you MUST either attack or go into decline is this the start of turn 2 or ? when is the end of the turn and now that player 1 does all of this before anyone else goes ? I am really messed up ?

#5 I even... to add more punishment to myself have tried the expansions LOL I must be a basket case ? the lepricauns deploy gold during the redeployment phase then are supposed to get them as a $1 coin at the start of the lepricauns next turn if no one conquers the area they were deployed in ? well how can this happen when no one has the chance to conquer the area before the lepricauns next turn refering to the rule book and race card !

#6 when do you put your race in decline at the end of your turn or at the start ? so when you do put a race in decline do you go through a whole turn doing nothing ? and then start a new race next turn or as the rule book states the player must now either: expand / or put his race in decline to select a new one this tell me yo0u put your race in decline at the end of your turn and immedetly select a new one ? i am so screwed up on this game it unbelievable ?*&^%$#!@

#7 I practically need someone to list out a complete cheat sheet on the turn of events for this game starting with select a race ! to the official end of the turn and the beginning of the next. period.


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