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Squiffy Trubshaw

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September 2010
Beta 19 problem Thu, 24 February 2011 13:59
Just fired up the fame and discovered Beta 19 is out. Loaded it up, now can't start the game. After login I get the message "This application is too old to connect to this server. Browse our website to download an update".

Nothing then happens when I click OK, requiring me to Force-Quit.

This has happened three times now, and I'm going cold-turkey!

  Beta 19 problem  Squiffy TrubshawThu, 24 February 2011 13:59
  Re:Beta 19 problem YannThu, 24 February 2011 14:03
  Re:Beta 19 problem Squiffy TrubshawThu, 24 February 2011 14:11
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