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Port/Bidding Clarification Thu, 17 March 2011 13:34
For my own clarification, can someone please explain, in simple terms, how a port works?

For example: Players send out the ships with coins. At this time, the next player can bid one (or more) additional coin(s) at an already occupied port. But, can the first player retreat yet even though it's not his turn? At what point does the player take back his ship and coins because he under bid?

I'm slightly confused when it's appropriate to bid higher (add more coins), and when it's time to retreat and take everything back?


  Port/Bidding Clarification  Magic&IllusionThu, 17 March 2011 13:34
  Re:Port/Bidding Clarification ericFri, 18 March 2011 08:50
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