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How To Learn Winter Wars Mon, 27 June 2011 20:04
I've played all the Winter Wars scenarios once (now both sides) for the normal-sized board, and two (now all) W-W Breakthrough scenarios on one side (now both sides).

Winter Wars has plenty for you to learn.
New rules: Winter Weather and Reduced Visibility;
New cards: Winter Combat and Breakthrough cards;
Armor variants: Tank Destroyers and Half-Tracks;
Artillery variants: Mobile Artillery and Heavy Anti-Tank Guns (88's);
Infantry variants: Combat Engineers plus Special Weapon Assets of Mortars, Machine Guns, and Anti-Tank Guns;
Terrain: Hills with Villages/Forest (tiles from Eastern Front), Winter Roads and Frozen Rivers; and
Tokens: Exits and Medal Objectives (e.g. Majority which is really a Plurality).

Some scenarios were difficult and we made mistakes with the rules, trying to learn them all at once. If I had to do over again, I would start with a scenario... The Hell of Grussenheim (French Open 2012) which uses
>Winter Combat Cards as an option,
>Minefields (Eastern?),
>City Ruins, and
>Impassible River (only looks Frozen, but not enough to cross).

...or I would start with a scenario that just used Winter Weather and Winter Combat cards e.g.
Relief of Peiper (W-W #6), which also has
>Blowing up Bridges, and
>1 Combat Engineer.

...or add them to scenarios for the winter board, such as
Strasbourg, which uses
>Frozen Rivers, and
>Optional Air Strikes (in Classified Air Pack Version),
...and the 3 scenarios where Air Power is played as an Artillery Bombard card:
Bastogne Corridor West,
Bastogne Corridor East (Airplane in AP Version), and
Suomussalmi (Ski Troops, Frozen River).

I played a desert scenario from 2010 that simulates a Sandstorm. I wouldn't mind playing it again with Reduced Visibility, instead of its Night Attack Rules. If you're familiar with Mediterranean Theater, then I'd recommend
Deir el Shein - Act 1 which also has
>SWAs #2 Anti-Tank Guns - Early War,
>Minefields (Med Pack or Terrain Pack),
>North African Desert Rules, and
>British Commonwealth Forces - Battle Back.

Next, I'd add Reduced Visibility with Winter Weather and Winter Combat to replay:
Twin Villages and

All the Winter Wars Scenarios use Winter Weather and Winter Combat (Cards); Reduced Visibility is the 3rd big rule. Once familiar with them, I'd play the Winter Wars Scenarios to learn the variant units in this order:
Clervaux - the Road to Bastogne (W-W #2) uses
>Pontoon Bridge rules,
>1 Tank Destroyer,
>3 Permanent Medals (Turn Start).
>Exits, and
>Reduced Visibility.
Longvilly Trap (W-W #1) uses
>1 Roadblock,
>2 SWAs #6 Mortars - Late War,
>1 Combat Engineers,
>2 Tank Destroyers,
>Exits, and
>Reduced Visibility.
Wardin (W-W #4) uses
>Winter Minefields,
>2 Half-Tracks,
>Majority Medal Objective,
>2 Combat Engineers,
>1 Tank Destroyer, and
>Reduced Visibility.
Baraque De Fraiture (W-W #5, with roads) uses
>2 Heavy Anti-Tank Guns (88's),
>1 Tank Destroyer,
>1 Half-Track,
>1 SWA #6 Mortar - Late War, and
>3/3 Sudden Death Objective.
Battle in the Schnee Eifel (W-W #3) uses
>1 SWAs #5 Anti-Tank Guns - Late War,
>1 SWAs #7 Machine Gun,
>2 Combat Engineers,
>4 Tank Destroyers,
>3 Permanent Medals (Turn Start), and
>1 Sudden Death Objective.

You may want to get familiar with the Breakthrough Cards by playing a shorter (6 medals) scenario than those in the Winter Pack:
Operation Amherst (B-T #9), a Classified Scenario, which has
>Flooded Fields with High Ground Rules, and
>3 Paradrops (instead of 1 like Sainte-Mère-Eglise)

If I'd done it this way, I think I'd have enjoyed the scenarios more, played them correctly and been better prepared to handle the Winter Breakthrough scenarios (W-W #7-10). The latter uses nearly all the above rules (except 88's and Air Rules) plus Mobile Artillery and Breakthrough Cards.

Peiper at Stoumont (W-W #7) uses
>3 Mobile Artillery,
>2 Tank Destroyers,
>1 Half-Track,
>1 SWAs #5 Anti-Tank Guns - Late War,
>2 Majority Medal Objectives, and
>Reduced Visibility.
Escape along Salmchâteau (W-W #8) uses
>4 Tanks Destroyers,
>2 Mobile Artillery,
>Exits, and
>Reduced Visibility.
Resistance at Marvie (W-W #9) uses
>Winter Minefields,
>Frozen Rivers,
>Majority Medal Objective, and
>Reduced Visibility.
The Final Counter-attack (W-W #10) uses
>1 Hills with Forests,
>1 Tank Destroyer,
>1 Mobile Artillery,
>1 SWAs #5 Anti-Tank Gun - Late War,
>3 SWAs #6 Mortars - Late War,
>2 SWAs #7 Machine Guns,
>2 Majority Medal Objectives (Turn Start), and
>3 Last-to-Occupy Medal Objectives.

Right now, until I've mastered all the applicable rules and cards, I don't want to spoil the Winter Overlord scenario, Firefight in Neffe, which uses
>1 Hills with Villages,
>Winter Railroads,
>1 Roadblock,
>4 Tank Destroyers,
>2 SWAs #6 Mortars - Late War,
>2 SWAs #7 Machine Guns,
>Frozen River,
>4 Sole-Control Medal Objective (Allies),
>1 Majority Medal Objective (Turn Start),
>2 Majority Medal Objectives,
>2 Last-to-Occupy Medal Objectives, and
>Reduced Visibility.

There's also a Winter scenario in the B-T book with Reduced Visibility and Supply Trucks, that you could add Winter Weather and Winter Combat (Cards) to as well as the snow-covered road tiles, but I haven't learned Tiger Tank rules yet and don't have truck or Tiger figures.

I saw there are half-track figures in another expansion, but are there ones for tank destroyers?

Note: I've expanded this for clarity and to add links, new info, etc.

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