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Tigers in the Snow Thu, 21 July 2011 09:45
Re the bridge, do the Germans have to be next to the bridge to attempt to blow it ?

or can they just try no matter what ?

The rules imply the latter, but just wanted to get the thoughts of the great and the good Very Happy

  Tigers in the Snow  techsaintThu, 21 July 2011 09:45
  Re:Tigers in the Snow ChizelMonkeeThu, 21 July 2011 14:22
  Re:Tigers in the Snow sam1812Thu, 21 July 2011 14:38
  Re:Tigers in the Snow hdescavernesFri, 22 July 2011 13:33
  Re:Tigers in the Snow ChizelMonkeeFri, 22 July 2011 14:17
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