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July 2011
Just purchased and played last night! A few questions... Thu, 28 July 2011 16:56
Great game, a bit heavy on the luck for my tastes but I do love pirates, so whats not to love? Anyway, my game group has a couple of outstanding questions and wanted to get the communities thoughts on how to handle them. I believe we scoured the rules for any indication of how things should be handled so I would be interested in hearing how your house rules might handle these. However if I did miss a rule, please let me know!

1 - Mastercraft : We follow the book rule on one per ship. However, its not particularly clear if it can be changed. For example, I place MC on my Hull and get lucky enough to get a second MC card later in life. Would it be valid to remove the MC on my Hull, discard it, and place the new one on my Sails?

2 - Initiative : In the case of Sails being of equal level, a die roll determines who goes first. The rules also state that each round initiative should be recalculated (in case someone lost sails, etc...). We interpreted this as also rerolling the die for initiative as it seemed to give an unfair advantage to the original high roll to give them initiative throughout. Just curious how others play this out at home.

3 - Fleeing : Does anyone else despise that you can run from a fight basically for free if you take one hit? Its almost rewarding you for running. Personally I feel you should take a fame hit of one point to run. there is great disagreement among our group for this. Any house rules out there or is everyone generally happy with the "free" run after taking a hit?

4 - Mutiny : Going along with the prior topic... I just feel a 1 roll is way too low a percentage, again almost forcing you to run instead of sticking it out. Anyone play around with this percentage at all?

5 - Legendary Pirate : I was toying with the idea of a random LP each encounter with him. Anyone try this? To difficult? Add any fun?

  Just purchased and played last night! A few questions...  muttly13Thu, 28 July 2011 16:56
  Re:Just purchased and played last night! A few questions... Sgt StormThu, 28 July 2011 22:42
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