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Second Account - Accusations Wed, 22 February 2012 16:17
Hello, I'll start this thread as im tired and afraid of people accusing me for being a 2nd account. Feel free to move thread if im on wrong place.

My name is Vegard and i'm from Norway, i'm 25years old.
My account name is MaleneAA, named after my Wife.
My Score is at the moment 1560 and i'm in the top200.
I have played a bit above 500games.

These last numbers i gave you are the sole reason many have lately accused me of being someone'n 2nd accound.
I have had that discussion in the lobby or ingame a couple of times now, and never been believed. So what can i do?

A player named Ace-(fill in a name), told me to seek the community for such discussions. And so i did, i've been reading alot on the forums. I've read the 2nd account thread and several other threads. And i'm truly amazed to see the proffessionalism and level of structure in your tournaments and so on. I think i seems like alot of fun and i would really like to join in in such a community when/if a get a bit better at playing.
I don't know the future and i don't know if im gonna keep playing long enough to do so, but at least i've earned a chance to try. And will not sit down and be accused of being someone's secong account, I will not let some players destroy my nickname. Players doing so should really look into themself and think. Not throw accusation around. I read the thread and i do respect you're having troubles with this. But you're not going to do the TTR community any favours if you can't accept new players comming in and do good. Is there no room for new players at top level? Do you have to play 5000games to get accepted? Whats the deal?

Im just a new player who opened an account in order to have fun, played mostly Europe and Mega-games beacuse I thought that was the most fun. Usually drawing tickets like crazy and look to get above 300points. Normally failing, needless to say i guess Smile
Then after playing 100games or so, i had a look at the rankning system, and decided to try and improve. I failed, fell from 1280 to 1150 by playing multis in different type of games (what score does a new player start at btw?). But by failing and trying i learned that my best chances was 2player on normal USA, where i just ended the game very early. since then i've learned a lot, and moved slowly and safely upwards.

The problem with accusation came when I reached a score of 1500.
First time with a player called ICE-Surfer, and today with a guy called Rocketblizzard. Both failed to believe me.

My bottom question is, What am i going to do for such guys to believe me?
I don't want to be called a cheat, ofcourse i'm flattered by it, but i'd rather have people telling me positive things and respect me.
And most of all, i don't want them to destroy a potential ttr-career.

I hope someone could help me with this

Vegard Aa


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