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Question on Campaign Book 2: Objective Track Tue, 06 March 2012 04:52
My son and I are playing the first campaign in CB2, Guadacanal. I have a question regarding the Objective track.

So basically, available objectives to be gained by scenario in the Guadacanal Campaign series would be:

Scenario 1 Tenaru - none for either side.

Scenario 2 Bloody Ridge - 2 objective locations for Japaneese, none for Marines or do the Marines get 2 objectives for denying the Japaneese the locations?

Scenario 3 Mantanikau River - Objectives for Japaneese for each unit exited off board between markers. None for Marines.

Scenario 4a Clearing Mantanikau River - No objectives for Japaneese. Objectives for Marines for each unit exited between markers.

Scenario 4b Slopes of Mount Austen - No objective locations for either side.

So, the Marines only have one or 2 scenarios where they can score points on the Objective Track, and that is if they lose scenario 3 of the campaign and then play Clearing Mantanikau River. The Japaneese have chances to score Objective points in scenarios 2 and 3.

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