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May 2012
TTR Steam & Online Confusion Thu, 24 May 2012 20:05
Hi all, hoping you folks can help me out as I have some confusion regarding the different versions of Ticket to Ride out there. I see that you can buy Ticket to Ride Online at the DOW website. I also saw that Ticket to Ride has been released on Steam. The steam version states it has multiplayer and 'cross platform' ability.

My questions that need clarifying:
A) Are these two versions the same?
If not:
B) If I buy the steam version can I play online via the web interface, or am I limited to playing with just the PC version?
C) If I want to play via the web interface, do I have to buy the version on the Ticket to Ride Online site?

My brother and I would like to play and the web version would be handy (for those quick work lunch games).

Thanks for clarifying!



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