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}FL{ Whiskers
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July 2012
Online game password issue Sat, 07 July 2012 02:21
Hello, I have a steam account and also have purchased TTR for my iPad. When we try to play a game together, we create a private game with a password (on the PC-Steam account). When I try to connect on the iPad I type in my PW but then it goes back to the password screen. I have tried the standard 'letmein', tried creating a game with a different password.

Also on the iPad we tried inviting my steam account. TTR starts to create the game but then asks to invite others from my "Game Center".

We just want to play an online game of us local users. HELP.

  Online game password issue  }FL{ WhiskersSat, 07 July 2012 02:21
  Re:Online game password issue YannSun, 08 July 2012 09:16
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