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Equipment Pack Arrived! Sat, 18 August 2012 00:25
Yeah, I know, all of you have yours already and have played with them and already found things to love/hate about the new additions.
Me, I'm just happy for all the New Stuff.
Of course, I do face the problem that now I need another Campaign Bag to carry all the stuff in.
But to those concerned about the added complexity, let me say this:
I have been playing wargames since 1972 (PanzerBlitz). I have seen many fine game companies come and go. I worked at Avalon Hill during the last few years before it was sold to Hasbro, I have seen some game systems supported like crazy and others wither and die.
For my part, I love the fact that this game has been around so long, and is so well supported, that I need multiple Campaign bags to hold all the stuff made for it, and that the same components that came in the first box are still usable.
More than almost any other game system out there, "Memoir '44" lets you have as much fun with it as you want to. Yes, you can add every single variant/expansion onto a simple battle and make it hyper-detailed (and possibly onerous to play), or you can leave it as simple as possible (and possibly less interesting as a result).
The point is, this game has always been, is now, and will always be, as enjoyable as the players choose to make it; it never took the cop-out of "It's YOUR game, change the rules you don't like," and that's a GREAT thing, because it's NOT our game, we SHOULD NOT change rules we don't like, because we have official rules, as many or as few as we agree to use, and here's the beauty of sticking with those "official rules", even if we disagree with them:
You can play this game using a common set of rules and their variants, with anybody, anywhere in the world, whether you share a common language or not, and have as much fun as you care to let yourself have.
It's completely up to you whether you have a good time with it or not.
I'm going to choose have a good time. Smile


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