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EE scenario - OUT of KEMI Mon, 08 October 2012 22:54
Hi all.

Well my intentions this past Sunday was to play 2 games of "Out of Kemi" at a local game shop. This I did winning as both the Allies (8 to 4) and then as the Germans (8 to 1).

Well after game 2 my opponent kept on wanting to try the Allied side and we went onto play 5 more games with me winning as the Germans in all those games too (with the closest game being the last - an 8 to 4 German win).

On a side note,a laughable hit rate on the ski units was maintained all day long by your truly (I am guessing somewhere in the 20% range) - most of my 2d attacks would be a miss and flag and my 3d attacks would be a miss and 2 flags or 2 misses and a flag. I played an Armor Assault in one game and got 1 hit on a 2 fig Ski unit with 7d. I just could not hit those buggers.

I can see this will be a tough win for the Allies. The Germans control 2 town medals (Kemi and Pudasjarvi). Cracking the defenses of Pudasjarvi will be tough - it took me several turns to do so in game 1 - and Kemi seems an even harder objective. The Allies cannot leave Tornio entirely as it is worth 2 medals for the Axis side. Once the panzers move up they can easily threaten the brittle Finn ski troop units. With 3 Axis arty on the board any allied incursion into the center may run into trouble quickly.

My opponent usually opened with an advance up his right blostered by a tank (which I countered by moving up both panzers up my left flank). He also tried moving around Pudasjarvi. He advanced his PCs from Tornio into the center to threaten Muonio and in the last game this nearly worked. But I was able to use first my trucks and then an M & M card to twice revive a 1 fig infantry in back to back turns.

In my win as the Allies I was able to kill off all four of the infantry that started in Pudasjarvi. I also killed both panzers and another infantry. I was then able to close in on Pudasjarvi and finished off a 1 fig infantry in that town and take ground for medal number 8.

My tanks got in some shots early but I had to pull them back after both were reduced to 1 fig each. My ski troops were never a factor as the panzers parked on the center hills and made an advance by the brittle ski units risky at best. A few of them had already taken hits and I tried to keep them out of the battle. I did use my PCs and lost one early to a lucky 1 hit - 1 rr grenade.

An interesting problem for the allies to try and solve.

  EE scenario - OUT of KEMI  tank commanderMon, 08 October 2012 22:54
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