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New expert scenario Wed, 07 November 2012 23:06
Liberation of Wiltz

http://www.daysofwonder.com/memoir44/en/editor/view/?id=1222 4

Please feel free to rate the scenario and to leave your comments in this thread.

My goal with this scenario was twofold:
1) Create a scenario where the weaker side starts with some objective medals, and can loose them during the game. A valid tactic for the weaker side is to quickly win by killing 3 units, while the stronger side must take away some of those objective medals before loosing 3 units.
2) Create a scenario about the WW2 history of Wiltz, the town in which my wife grew up. The scenario is rather historically accurate, except that the scenery should be winter terrain, but some of the winter terrain does not yet work in M44Online.

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