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Winter rules Sun, 25 November 2012 13:20
Greetings All,

i was playing Breakthrough - Nach Mockau yesterday and was having some thoughts about the effects of Winter on the combatants.

The background to the scenario states the temperature fell
to -40 C, and tank tracks are solderred into the frozen mud.

I live in Durban, South Africa - I think 15C is getting chilly, never mind -40c!

The "General Winter" rule of Axis rolling two dice and removing a unit for each granade made sense, although it didn't have an impact on our game. Units were lost, never an entire unit, and from units on the back lione.

It was the Special rule - Blitz rules in effect that seemed odd. i.e. Allied (Russian ) armour move two hexes, Axis no effect. Doesn't seem correct somehow in the context of the conditions.
I understand Blitz rules in the context of the Blitz effect, giving the German armour more movement againt Allied opposition - not at the Gates of Moscow though.

So the Blitz rules didn't reflect what was happening on the ground, and "General Winter" didn't have that much effect.

Anybody with any Winter type house rules that they use to replicate the German experiance?


Fred the Obscure,
Durban, South Africa.


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