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December 2012
  2 possible bugs in TTR for iPad Mon, 10 December 2012 23:08
Hey guys,

I have the original TTR for iPad along with all the expansions and love the game. But unfortunately, during the games I played with my brother via Wi-Fi, I found 2 things that seem to be bugs.

1- In a 2 player local game on the Switzerland map, when I was buying new tickets, it showed me a ticket I already have in the possible options. I selected that ticket and in the end, I received 2x points because I had the same ticket twice. It was a ticket connecting France to another country. I don't know if it can happen in other versions of TTR or with city-city tickets, but I haven't seen a problem with them yet.

2- I am a iOS developer myself, and to be able to test some of my apps in older iOS versions, I also have an iPad 1 with iOS 4.3 installed. When I play TTR on that iPad, sometimes, the music, along with the sound effects of the cards stop playing and a few minutes later the screen freezes. It doesn't crash, but It forces me to close it from the taskbar. I don't think it is a memory warning issue because I had no apps running in the background when I was playing the game. It might not be a iOS 4 specific problem because I played mostly on iOS 4.3 and haven't had much experience with it in later versions of OS. I'm going to try more with later versions though.

I hope you can find the reason of these problems.

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