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December 2012
Can't load Steam version Sun, 23 December 2012 05:06
I'm using the Steam version on PC - but the issue I'm getting has the same symptoms as reported for Macs; the game says that it didn't shut down correctly last time, tries to open the main window then closes down again.

I did validate the game cache and Steam told me that there was 1 file that failed to validate and would be 'reacquired', but it hasn't done that as far as I can tell, though I did uninstall and reinstall from there, and still no joy.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

I'm using it on Windows 7 on a MacBook Pro 17" (Late 2011 model), with extra RAM if that's any help, but it was running fine until Steam decided it needed to 'update the files to a newer format' or something.

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