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January 2012
Is It Me???? Mon, 07 January 2013 01:11
I haven't played this online for months (Call of Duty fan!)
Just come back online over christmas & i'm frustrated with this game already - is it me or does it seem like the higher ranked you get the worse cards & dice rolls you receive?
Or is it the lateness of the hour & the fact i've lost games due to poor cards & dice rolls going against me that it seems like this?
Rant over..........Back to CoD! At least on the face of it that game is down to some semblance of skill & not luck alone!
Bah humbug.....

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  Is It Me????  Ruprecht 69Mon, 07 January 2013 01:11
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  Re:Is It Me???? Ruprecht 69Mon, 07 January 2013 01:31
  Re:Is It Me???? Clexton27Mon, 07 January 2013 01:38
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