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General stevens Rules Quiz No.3 Thu, 31 January 2013 19:46
One of the first lessons you learn as a combatant in Memoir '44 is that sometimes FLAGS kill. You usually learn this the first time your opponent throws his dice against your unit who has no retreat path. Your opponent may only throw FLAGS, but your unit is eliminated because he could not retreat.


I usually call this "Death by flagging" or "Flagged to death". It is really uncomfortable and painful, but hopefully a good lesson in what not to do next time. In other words, you need to think about how you position your troops. Do they have a way out if the fighting gets fierce?


With this in mind, I offer my next series of questions. These questions will only be in reference to the retreat of a standard Infantry Unit:

1. There are 3 terrain types of the 67 listed by DOW onto which you may never retreat. What are they? (This is not a trick question and I am excluding,of course, any terrain occupied by any other units).

2. There is one terrain type you may retreat onto if you have the right equipment. What terrain type is that and what is the equipment?

3. There are 2 terrain types which limit your ability to retreat based on their orientation in relation to adjacent terrain tiles. What are they?

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