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Babyphus Mon, 18 February 2013 02:02
Luke Matthieu, aka babyphus, son of ommie and Sysyphus, was born on Friday, 15th at 4.56pm local time!
He came 8 days early, was 49cm and 3.380kg.

TTR online helped a few of us of us to their spouse or partner, but I guess it's the first baby made in 100% DoW !

Review of the game !

Game started at 8:15am.

Ommie is pretty slow in the first rounds, lots of thinking, stalling... she can't figure out a plan. She has 5 big tickets to connect, it is gonna be very challenging !
She relaxes a bit and her moves are gradually faster with more confidence.

Babyphus waits : he's got 2 big tickets in hand : Uterus/Outside and USA/France. He takes tons of cards. He hopes to finish as fast as possible after laying his first track. He's ready for a long battle and ready to cope with any situation !
He has been training specifically for that game for months now!
He looks strong and confident.

Daddyphus is pretty relaxed, easy tickets to complete. He is looking at the map from time to time, is listening to music and is allowing himself to read a book or close his eyes at times.

2.00pm :

Ommie tries some bold moves but Babyphus unfortunately blocks her. She decides then to go through the tunnels to connect... Alas, her first attempt is rejected ( Confused ). It's getting worse when she pays 3 extra locos 2 times in a row .
Super painful, it's getting on her nerves, she cries. Crying or Very Sad
But ommie is tough, she ends up making it, with the help of a couple stations and Daddyphus' support.

Babyphus finishes fast, playing the 8 tunnel with no extra and launching the last turn in the same time.

Despite an ugly and painful track, and some stations, ommie throws 6 reds (I know, not very classy Very Happy ) in the last turn.

Babyphus, ultra-confident, thinks he's got longest despite his 19 trains only. But, aargh, too young and inexperimented, he didn't see Daddyphus' nice loop ! Daddy's longest is beautiful ! ( Cool )

It's a 3-Way tie, everybody wins !! Shocked Love

After xlaylax aka xbabyx, daughter of BTB xsandrax and G70 xbomanx, who showed up last year during the CL, BTB's are making front page one more time.

Here's Luke !

I am your father !

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