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  Battle Reports from Korea Mon, 08 April 2013 22:27
Battle Reports from Korea

The purpose of this topic is to chronologically present events of great importance of the Korean War. I will use self-created scenarios to illustrate. Will present one battle each Monday.
Author notes and image descriptions will appear in italic.

Historical Background

At the very end of World War II, just before Japan's capitulation, Soviet and US forces occupied the Korean peninsula. This region was part of Japan ever since it was annexed in 1910, 5 years after Japan's show of force against the Russian Empire in the Far East. The locals suffered a lot under Japanese rule, many were forcibly drafted or worked in factories; the Korean language and culture was oppressed, the masters promoted cultural assimilation.

In order to avoid direct confrontation, the US administration proposed to draw a demarcation line at the 38th parallel. The northern part of the country became Democratic People's Republic of Korea (or DPRK) and was part of the Soviet sphere of influence. The southern part was taken over by the former government-in-exile led by Syngman Rhee and was called Republic of Korea (or ROK). The DPRK assisted Mao's communists in their war against the Nationalists; in return, they were promised help in case of war against the ROK. The southern part, however, faced an internal crisis, a struggle against local communist uprisings. Its only potential ally in case of war, the US, was hesitating: it had more important matters in Europe and Japan. Moreover, it was believed that the conflict would be too dangerous, as the Soviets and the Chinese were close allies of the northern regime.

I. The Invasion Begins

On June 25th, 1950, the North Korean People's Army (or KPA)launched its offensive with 10 divisions with 89,000 men. Major cities, including the South Korean capital soon fell and ROK troops were retreating across the peninsula in disarray. On the same day, the United Nations condemned the Northern aggression and allowed foreign military aid for the South. The US immediately provided sea and air cover for its ally and organized the ground forces under the command of General MacArthur, famous for his battles in the Philippines in World War II. Since then, he commanded US troops stationed in Japan. However, it was far from enough to halt the Northern advance at that point.

Crossing the 38th Parallel

In order to buy time to bring in reinforcements from occupied Japan, the US deployed the first ground units by air to Pusan on June 30th, 1950. They were part of the 24th Infantry Division, but were understrength and underequipped units. Collectively, it was called Task Force Smith, named after its commander, Colonel Smith.

They were ordered to head for Taejon, advance north of the city and establish a blocking point on the main highway. They reached Osan on July 4th and established defensive positions on hills on both sides of the road and waited for the enemy...

In the morning of July 5th, a North Korean armored column advanced on the road towards US positions. The infantrymen were unable to disable them with 2.36-inch bazookas, so the howitzers started firing at point-blank. Some tanks were stopped, but the majority of them advanced south unharmed.

Soon, two KPA Infantry Regiments, the 16th and the 18th arrived in a truck column, headed by 3 tanks.

Troop dispositions at the beginning of the battle

Battle info:
US Player: 5 cards.
KPA Player: 6 cards. He goes first

6 medals to win.

Both hills are Temporary Majority Medal Objectives worth 1 medal for each side.

The KPA intended to launch a pincer maneuver while engaging the enemy in the center. The US left flank soon fell under pressure.

The KPA took many casualties (some three 1-figure units!) and a US squad easily took care of them. However, panic ensued on the right flank when T-34s rushed to the hilltop! Unfortunately for the Task Force, the tanks secured the hill faster than the battered units were eliminated...

The KPA took no prisoners. The wounded were taken care by a medic, but were all shot when the enemy reached the hilltop. The US forces bought some time for the retreating ROK forces...

Next destination: Battle of Taejon under the command of the charismatic General Bill Dean!
Stay tuned...

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