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April 2013
Abandoning All Regions Mon, 29 April 2013 10:38
Hi, I just played for the first time with my friends tonight and encountered something with this and ended with an argument (not fun). I saw a smiliar thread to this but not exact and didn't want to necro a 3yr old thread.

Anyways, I was backed into a corner against Diplomat Sorcerers who wouldn't attack me and made me his ally. So I chose to abandon all regions. Now you do this at the start of your turn when collecting what troops you want to attack with. Then here came the debate. The next part where the rules say you then use them on your NEXT conquest using the First Conquest rules.

The way I thought it was I would be able to abandon all regions, then attack from a border during this turn as that would be my next conquest after readying. However my friend interpreted the rule as "next conquest" being "next turn". So I was more or less using the rules of going into decline except I wasn't going into decline or picking a new race and instead keeping my tokens and race. His theory being that it would be too cheap to pull out all your units then immediately attack someone's weaker regions (from the back) that were being defended from more interior regions.

So which was right? Did I miss a whole turn, or is it really just like going into decline except keeping your race and not picking a new one?

Thanks for the help

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