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  WARNING Game HACKS online Wed, 08 May 2013 22:14
I would like to hear anyone elses thoughts on this and anyway we can protect ourselves against it.

There are at least 2 people active today that are Hacking the game and ruining it for others one way or another.

Cadet: "YOLO"
I was unlucky enough to get caught out with this again and it has a negative affect on your Honor.
At the start of the game YOLO instantly said "Ha Ha CYA" and the game just froze, a computer did not take over and it eventually just kicked me from the server for not being active, I would log back in. it said active game contiue I said yes and so on however I could not move no matter what I did.
I thought I would wait it out and tryed to work online but only to find I had a some kind of virus/trojan Browser stealer that kept redirecting anything I tried to do funny enough to my ebay login account until I shut down and ran CC Cleaner, wich is how I am back on now.

Second and u will also find information about this issue on the French forum,

His is a scam of a differant kind UNREALIK is even on the top 10 board for skilled palyers, I have played him at least 4 games in the past and his record of games played today showed 6 !, he is very skilled but parades as a beginer, I know of at least 1 person a Colonel who too has experinaced this with him and no doubt there are more of you, in fact the last time I saw UNREALIK was last week and he had 12 games on his record and today 6, the big concern is if he can cheat his record what other damage are they capable of.

Well I did all I can do by bringing it to your attentions.


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