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New Reference Cards Mon, 24 June 2013 19:46
I extensively use the reference cards that came with the Air Pack during my face-to-face games. My reference decks also contain those from other expansions (e.g. SWAs from Winter Wars) and I've been printing out the pics I don't have to post on note cards.

You can see what I mean Online at the Cards Compendium page on Days of Wonder.

New cards have been added to the compendium after Equipment Pack release, e.g. French Army:
Other new ones:
Screaming Meemies,
Hobart's Funnies, and
Machine Gun (SWA Early War).
I don't have Equipment Pack, so don't know if these (and other) cards were included.

Also interesting is that some cards have been updated, like Snipers:
Other updates I see are:
Landing Craft,
Mortar (SWA Late War),
Italian Royal Army, and
Smoke Shells (Actions 31), which is different from Smoke Screens (Actions 21) from CB1, making them last 2 opponent turns for CB2, I believe.
I plan to print these out to replace mine. I find they print out too big at 400 pixels-wide. My next attempt I'm reducing to 85% or 340 pixels-wide. This time I'm converting to bitmap before reducing so the text should still be clear.

I've been writing on my cards as I find more rules (e.g. for the Snipers above), so I look forward to seeing more updates in the compendium. My suggestions are:
Rope Bridges (Impassible to armor and artillery)
Big Guns (If Big-Gun moves, Cross-hair markers are removed)
Combat Engineers (May remove Roadblocks instead of battling)
Mobile Artillery (Move OR battle when ordered by Artillery Bombard)
Landing Craft (Not ordered as Infantry, Armor or Artillery)
Supply Trucks (1 medal for any 3 S.T. figures)
Half-Tracks (1 medal for any 3 H.T. figures)
Tank Destroyers ("When it does not move, ignore all terrain battle restrictions," including when on a building hex)
That's all I got so far. Mobile Artillery card should be done ASAP and added to the online game, since new people lose a couple attacks when they discover their M.A. can't shoot!

I know some people want to buy the cards separately, now that Air Pack is out of print. I think that's a good idea for a supplement. Of course, I'd like to see some more updates first.

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