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New Ovelord scenario Thu, 15 August 2013 23:23

This is a new Overlord scenario : Klisura Pass.


This scenario has the characteristic to use the new Italian Royal Army rules with Italian High Command rules.
As there is no official rules for an Overlord scenario, I suggest the following home rule I used to test this scenario :
The Italian player begins the game with 10 cards.
In accordance with Italian High Command rules, he lost one card for each unit destroyed, but never go below three cards. But iaw the Overlord rules, he can regain cards during the game (only one card played and two cards regained).

So this system has the advantage to mix the two rules (Italian High Command and Overlord rules), giving some penalties to the Italian player but not insuring a total Italian defeat.

I repeat, it's only a home rule, but iaw the tests made, it seems to be the most accurate rule for Overlord scenario.

Yours, Smile

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