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Online Campaign possible ? Fri, 10 January 2014 17:42
Hi folks, has anyone looked into the possibility of playing any of the official campaigns via the Online game? I'm aware obviously that the exact rules used for campaigns wouldn't be possible, I'm thinking more whether there are sufficient scenarios in existence to play through, in the order that they might appear in any released campaign.

Im guessing the answer is a 'no' in that respect, but I was just curious if anyone had considered or looked into it ...

... my thinking was it might be fun to play an opponent over 5 or 6 scenarios, as one side.

Obviously there's nothing to stop any of us picking our own scenarios to do just that, but I wondered if anyone had created a run of scenarios from those that are available that flowed historically, or, as mentioned, followed the route of an official campaign?

Incidentally ... if anyone has done this, or just wants to try out the idea, I have a bit of time tonight (Friday 10th January, (GMT), or Saturday 11th Jan) to play! Smile


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