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Erik Uitdebroeck
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Apologize Sun, 12 January 2014 11:18
Hi all,

I wish apologize to all players who have invited me in an online game.
There is something wrong with my pc and I have noticed that that issue has an influence on my Smallword-account.
I keep on trying, but if I don't react during a game: it is due to my pc, not me. As I am a huge fan of Smallworld, I won't back down on a game.

Next I have a question:
What happens if a player (for example me) waits too long to play?
I understand that he is thrown out of the game, but what with the other players?
Does the board change into an other board (ex. 4 to 3 players)?

Kind regards,

  Apologize  Erik UitdebroeckSun, 12 January 2014 11:18
  Re:Apologize AngryMarineSun, 12 January 2014 11:45
  Re:Apologize Erik UitdebroeckSun, 12 January 2014 13:15
  Re:Apologize AngryMarineSun, 12 January 2014 19:20
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