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arizonascum Mon, 03 March 2014 18:11
We were playing US map today and I got issue with connection for 2 minutes or so. He never give me a chance to come back and never waiting as top players usually do. It wasn't first time with this player.
That's why I rename him for arzinascum not arizonaice)

  arizonascum  HFP Melvin SmithMon, 03 March 2014 18:11
  Re:arizonascum rasmussen81Mon, 03 March 2014 19:05
  Re:arizonascum HFP Melvin SmithMon, 03 March 2014 22:36
  Arizonaice/BBrailroad SysyphusMon, 03 March 2014 23:54
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