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Cards! Fri, 21 March 2014 14:49
Having come to this game after the Air Pack became out of print the top of my Memoir '44 wishlist has always been a separate deck of terrain cards like the ones in Air Pack. I find the terrain cards invaluable in play. I always lay out the ones pertinent to a scenario on the table.

With the announcement of the new D-Day landings maps I think a separate release of the Break Through cards just crept up my wish list too.

I've heard that card decks are one of the most expensive components in a board game though.

So Days Of Wonder - I'd like a terrain deck and a break through deck for sale like the base deck. If you sell them for $5 a pop I'd be first in line for 2 terrain decks and 5 break through decks so I can play D-Day the way it should be played.

  Cards!  littleidiotFri, 21 March 2014 14:49
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