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April 2014
Mini-expansion: Arctic Invasion Sun, 13 April 2014 16:25

I would like to share this collection of new races and special powers that I have made, under the name Arctic Invasion. I live in Greenland, and thus is it all inspired by Greenlandic and Inuit culture, mythology etc.

EDIT: To download rule sheet and ready to print race and special power sheets, follow this link: rld

I and the people I play with have given it lot of thought concerning the rules, balancing them the number of tokens you get. But of course, everybody else's opinions are welcome
First the races:


Rules: Each turn, you may use 3 helping spirits. The Whale with the ability of Seafaring and the Amô with the ability of Flying. The Polar Bear counts as a race token during Conquest, and makes that Region immune until the next round. They can't be used together.

Info: Angakkuqs are the equivalent of a medicine man in Greenland. An Amô is a helping spirit to the Angakkuq. The whale and the polar bear are animals with great cultural value.


Rules: If 2 or more race tokens present in a Region conquered by you, 2 of the opponent’s race tokens must go to the tray.

Info: An Aqajarorsiorpua (long name) is an evil spirit, who lives in a big stone. When people pass by them, they are killed instantly by the sight of the Aqajarorsiorpua.


Rules: During Troop Redeployment, place one Freeze-token on an active Region of yours, and the second one on a to the first token adjacent, non-empty Region. They remain immune and as inactive until your next turn. Race and special power related coins still earned. If two or more tokens present, the remains is still available in Conquest.

Info: When loosing face, some people chose to leave the society and survive on their own in the wild as long as possible. A kind of suicide. But some people survived it, and were considered to have achieved supernatural powers.

Note: They are a bit complicated, and not as accessible as Humans or Orcs. But I at least find them interesting, since their power can be used in many more ways than a Human.


Rules: Conquer any adjacent Region using 1 less token per Thule People token gone to the tray by Conquest since your last turn. In other words, receive one Commando each time one of you has lost an active token since your last turn.

Info: The Thule People were a people who lived in Greenland a long time ago. They are the ancestors of the current Inuits. Their power is connected to their ability to survive.


Rules: No Race benefits as such, but receives 2 Special Powers. For instance, you could play as Berserk Behemoth Tornarssuks, or Diplomat Dragon Master Tornarssuks.

Info: The Tornassuk is the closest thing equivalent to a God in Inuit mythology. He is the go-to spirit if none of the other spirits are able to help you.

Note: So mostly just an apology to make the race I’ve always wanted to make.

Now for the special powers:


Rules: Pick this Special Power and the race it belongs for free. No matter its position in the Queue, as long as visible. Still costs 1 coin to pass it.

Info: Greenland receives block grant from Denmark due to the former colonization. So, a bit of a joke, but at the same time it can be very useful in some situations.


Rules: Wipe out all active tokens occupying a Region solitarily at the moment when the Race with this Special Power is picked.


Rules: Collect a by 1 growing amount of coins each turn. Starting with 1, and limited to 5 per turn.

Info: Like the last one, not much to explain. Usually it’s a good thing to decline, but the player here gets rewarded by staying the same race.


Rules: Your opponents may only attack your active race once each per turn.

Info: A Tupilaq is a helping spirit. Today they are known as crafts typically made from reindeer antlers or narwhale tusk. They are said to bring luck to you, and death to your opponents.

That’s all. Does anybody know if it is possible to show it to Days of Wonder somehow? I would like to show what I’ve made. Though I do realize that there probably aren't enough demand for a expansion with Greenlandic theme.

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