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[Beta] AI Sat, 17 May 2014 20:10
Some things: (Even though there are a lot more)

One thing to note about AI behavior now (even more than before) is that some races or Race/Special Power combos absolutely refuse to go into decline. It would be nice if the AI could at least appear to try to win. Instead they will happily collect 2-4 gold per turn for 5 turns or so.
These are some examples from the last few games we played here:

-Peace Loving Amazons
-Pillaging Humans
-Merchant Orcs
-Forest Pixies

They were all three units or fewer (The pixies were down to 2) by turn 4 or 5 and just kept on going. It is worth mentioning that they didn't have much or any of a race in decline either. They were playing to lose.

As a human player wanting to win you leave these races alone on the board as they are harmless and occupy very little space (as opposed to a fresh invading race). Had this been a human player I would not have been able to stop myself from telling that player what he was doing wrong and what he would need to do in order to at least stand a chance to beat me.

Stout: Has anyone ever seen the AI use this Special Power? (and by that I don't mean just picking a Special Power/Race combo that includes Stout.)

The AI absolutely loves mountains.
If you are playing a single player game and you want to win, here's my own personal** rule number one: Never set foot on a mountain. If you stay off the mountains and play with a little bit of forethought then you have a guaranteed win. Set foot on a mountain and your units will get attacked.

*(Apparently the option for a numbered list or bullet points isn't working. Very Happy)
**(My wife would argue that rule number one is to never pick the Dwarves as the AI considers them an aberration that needs to be stomped out.)

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