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Official D-Day Landings FAQ Tue, 11 November 2014 20:38
This thread will be made sticky and will be an easy place to collect questions specific to the D-Day Landings expansion and rules.

Q. On Utah Beach, can a LC land directly on Grandcamp which is a Town hex?
A. No

Q. In Equipment Pack it is explained that LC are treated like Armor for all purposes. Why is there such a precision? Does this mean that I can order LC with a "Armor Assault" card for instance?
A. Landing Craft cannot be ordered by the “Armor Assault” command card. The chief reason for Landing Craft being treated as Armor for all purposes is to restrict the Landing Craft movement onto a beach hex with a bunker or hedgehog.

Q. Can a Landing Craft carrying Infantry remove wire when it lands since it is treated like Armor for all purposes?
A. No. Landing Craft can move onto a beach / shore / coastline with wire and the Landing Craft is automatically removed and the Infantry unit is automatically unloaded, but the Wire is not removed.

Q. Can an on the move be used to order a Landing Craft?
A. Yes

Q. May Supported Infantry enter a bunker?
A. Yes

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