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  Ticket to Ride - Updates Notes Fri, 27 November 2015 16:53
Dear Ticket to Ride players,

As you all know, we released on November 19th, 2015 a massive update of Ticket to Ride. This version was a complete cross-platform rewrite of the app. There were lots of reasons why we did this rewrite, mostly technical: we had to move to a new technology because updating the app was getting more and more impossible and preventing us from adding long-demanded features such as new maps or asynchronous gaming.

We are aware of the difficulties encountered by our players with the latest update of Ticket to Ride. The addition of many new features and some deep changes in the User Interface caused passionate reactions from many players who were used to the previous interface. We are listening and are working on improving these elements so that the app will look more like what our players had loved to use during the past years.

There are also stability issues in some specific cases, that we are fixing as fast as we can.

Some issues will be quick to fix, some will take longer. The Ticket to Ride community should know that we stand behind our products and we are sorry about all these difficulties. We are working hard to resolve them.

We are going to release small updates on a regular basis. We will use this forum thread to keep you posted about what comes up in each update, what we plan to do next, etc. Please keep in mind that we might or might not release the super-important-fix-you-care-so-much-about, or if we do, not in the order that you would like. Each item is a delicate balance between players' demand, ease of implementation, risks of side-effects, and added value for players. We might also tell you that we plan to work on a specific topic for a next version and that topic might not be delivered as announced - simply because it turned out to be more complicated than anticipated. Also, the frequency of updates may vary over time.

We thank you for your support during this ongoing journey. Ticket to Ride is dear to us all, and we all want to make it awesome.

The Days of Wonder team

PS: this thread is locked so that the release notes would appear in an easy-to-read continuous manner. You are welcome to post comments in other threads of this forum, or course.

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