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Re:CB1 question Sun, 01 December 2019 11:08
Hi GI John,

Do you hav the errata PDF for CB1?

You can find it here: http://cdn.daysofwonder.com/uploads/userpages/713928/_5555.p df

It states for the German side:
p.25 – The Breakout
If the Axis win the campaign after "Operation Cobra", the Grand Campaign should move on to "Falaise" not "Early Falaise". However, if the Axis win "Op. Cobra", they move to "Counter-Attack on Mortain" and after this scenario they move to "Falaise" campaign.

That does not help for your predicament though but the Germany text should say move on to Falaise (if the Axis Win the Campaign after Operation Cobra)

So that would mean it matters who wins the campaign after Operation Cobra.

The Allies won Operation Cobra which triggered an end to the Campaign so I would not move onto Counter-Attack on Mortain. It ends here. Smile
Normally you would check who won the campaign and then go Early Falaise for an Allied win and Falaise for an Axis win.

But you tied.
Since the Campaign end is triggered by the Allies win I would argue to move onto Early Falaise in the Grand Campaign based on the fact that on page 24 there is an arrow End Campaign that points to the victory condition (that you have not met) but on the German side there is no such arrow pointing to the victory condition (that they have not met).

My two cents Smile

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