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Re:CB1 question Sun, 01 December 2019 13:44
The errata in this case does not help. The Allies won Operation Cobra, but did not win the campaign. It's tied.

I'm using the PDF campaign book.

So even though I win the scenario and lose or tie the campaign, to this point, you're saying I should move on to early falaise?

I'm very confused reading the campaign pages. Even when I read early falaise, the same issue comes up.

If the Germans win Mont pincon scenario, it says to end the campaign. The box beneith it says, if you win the campaign after mount pincon, move to Falaise'.

This is very confusing and unclear. The Germans could very well have less campaign points after the mount pincon scenario.

So, when it says end campaign in the box above is it associated with the text beneath it, if you win the campaign..., In a separate box?

It would have been better to move the end campaign words in the bucket Bellow.

Please someone clarify

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