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Re:CB1 question Sun, 01 December 2019 16:20
That part I do understand.

In the Breakout, If the Allies win Operation Cobra you end the campaign.
You then tally the campaign points and if the Allies win the campaign you move on to Early Faliase. If the Germans win the campaign after Operation Cobra (having lost the battle) you move on to Falaise.

In Early Falaise, If the Germans win Mont Pincon the Campaign ends and you tally up the campaign points to see who has won the Campaign. If the Allies win the campaign you move onto Falaise. If the Germans win you move onto Falaise as well.

What is unclear to me as well is what to do if you tie for campaign points.
But this is only an issue in the Breakout as for Early Falaise you always move on to Falaise (in both cases.)

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